Shipping & Returns

We always try to deliver your order as fast as possible. Although we are not responsible for the service of delivery! If there should be any problems you will receive an e-mail. We only send parcels with insurance, so we can always give you a tracking no. If you like an envelope just write us an email... it's cheaper but more insecure!

We only accept payment in advance with bank transfer or Paypal.

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

Hermes (D)

Shipping with Hermes is less expensive but delivery can take up to 1 week within Germany.

Calculation Total price
to 1,00 KG EUR 5,00
from 1,01 to 2,00 KG EUR 6,00
from 2,01 to 5,00 KG EUR 8,00
from 5,01 to 10,00 KG EUR 10,00
from 10,00 KG - No Shipping -


DHL is more expensive but is one of the most reliable parcel services that ships to almost any destination worldwide.

Calculation Total price
to 2,00 KG EUR 5,90
from 2,01 to 5,00 KG EUR 6,90
from 5,01 to 10,00 KG EUR 9,50
from 10,01 to 20,00 KG EUR 18,90
from 20,00 KG - No Shipping -