Hi friends, as you might have noticed the shop was offline for some time. This was due to the popular and beloved new european General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For me as an individual it would have been impossible to update my shop system without substantial costs (keywords Double Opt-In, permission for parcel service, confirming GDPR etc.), therefore I decided to make a complete cut..

All new, all fresh – a new shop system based on WordPress, new optic and functions, new shipping cost calculation… but most importantly a completely new database without stored names, adresses or other customer data. We currently have no personal data and from now on we can erase everything about you when you wish to. Of course you can also order without creating an account.

As of now I don’t use any plugins or extensions that are known to collect data. There will be no Google Analytics for evaluation, no Twitterbox, no Social-Plugins with useless SHARE buttons etc. All implemented modules have been checked for data security reasons and also no data will be saved outside of Germany.

Unfortunately there is no tool to import the data from the old shop system, so I have to list all items again one by one… and in different languages! As this is much work and will take some time, please check back from time to time to see if I’m still working. Or just write me an eMail if you’re searching something specific – perhaps it’s buried in the stock or can be ordered for you, let me know!?

I hope the GDPR regulations doesn’t dissuade you too much.
Thanks for understanding and the years of loyalty.

See you soon on